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Bid Proposal Template 3 Page 2
Bid Proposal Template 3
Bid Proposal Form
Project Name, Number
California State University,
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Additive Alternative No. 2:
Describe $ Lump Sum
(use figures only)
The following deductive alternatives are an integral part of this proposal, and to be responsive, the bidder
shall quote for the Base Bid, and also for the following listed deductive alternatives.
Deductive Alternative No. 1:
Describe $ Lump Sum
(use figures only)
Deductive Alternate No. 2
Describe $ Lump Sum
(use figures only)
Bidder shall state the above amounts in figures only, and these are the total amounts bid for all of the
alternatives including all applicable taxes. Any alterations, erasures, or changes must be clearly indicated
and initialed by the bidder. The bidder agrees that if there are any discrepancies or questions in the
figures, the Trustees will use the lower figure despite the bidders intent.
The Bidder shall hold the lump sum prices for all alternatives for 60 calendar days after the start date of
the Notice to Proceed. The Trustees reserve their right, within 60 calendar days after the start date of the
Notice to Proceed, to add into or deduct from the awarded contract amount by change order, any or all
alternatives that were not previously awarded at the listed lump sum amounts, without any delay or
impact to the project and with no mark-up or mark-down.
(NOTE: The following is an example of work to be separately priced, and included in the Base Bid. Then
unit prices for the work are requested in case the quantities are changed during construction.)
This lump sum amount is subject to revision by the unit price values submitted below if the required
depths of the caissons are more or less than the depths indicated in the plans and specifications.
Total value of completed drilled caisson foundations
system with depths as indicated in the plans and
specifications: $ Lump Sum
(use figures only)
Bidder shall include the above value in Base Bid Lump Sum Price specified on Page 1.
Unit prices per linear foot for furnishing drilled caissons, including materials and labor as required, as
shown on drawings in accordance with Specification Section .
A. 3 Foot Diameter Caisson, Add or Deduct
for boring, reinforcement and concrete: $ per Linear Foot
(use figures only)
Construction Mgmt.
700.05N • 8/11
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Bid Proposal Template 3