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Bilingual Translator Resume
Bilingual Translator Resume
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Amy McAllister
Proposed RDC Bilingual Translator (Key Personnel)
A total of 11 years of formal education in Spanish and experience in translating English to
Spanish and Spanish to English in professional settings
More than 4 years’ experience as a bilingual information services professional, including
translating and copyediting complex health information for Spanish speakers and other
diverse audiences
Responds to inquiries received via telephone, Web, email, fax, and written correspondence
requests in English and Spanish within specified timeframes for Circle clients, including
more than 3,000 calls each year to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and
Kidney Diseases Information Clearinghouses, Information Services, and Education programs
Edits, copyedits, and proofreads Spanish translations of more than 25 English-language
health publications varying in length from 2 to 90 pages
Conducts quality assurance for Spanish health information websites
Provides standardized responses as well as coordinates special or custom responses with the
appropriate subject matter expert
Supports cost recovery services for Federal and private-sector clients, including tracking and
collecting payment for purchase orders and facilitating medical billing
B.A., Spanish, Messiah College, 2009
Graduate Certificate in Spanish Translation, University of Texas Brownsville, 2014
Circle Solutions, Inc., 2011–Present
Bilingual Information Specialist
Creates, revises, and maintains more than 90 written Spanish protocols and scripts for call
center responses.
Translates scripts for social media and other projects as needed.
Manages and tracks translation, editing, and proofreading processes.
Creates and manages a style guide and uniform vocabulary for Spanish publications that is
consistent with client specifications.
Manages accounts receivable process, including purchase orders and check and credit card
payments. Streamlined cost recovery process and reduced outstanding accounts receivables
by two-thirds in one month. Also assembles monthly accounts receivable reports.
Provides inquirers referrals to approved organizations for information, technical assistance,
or other resources and searches online resources daily to remain current on health
Provides assistance to any callers that use TTY as a mode of contact.
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Bilingual Translator Resume