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Biographical Sketch Sample 1
Program Director/Principal Investigator (Last, First, Middle): Hunt, Morgan C.
OMB No. 0925-0001/0002 (Rev. 08/12 Approved Through 8/31/2015) Page 5 Biographical Sketch Format Page
Provide the following information for the Senior/key personnel and other significant contributors in the order listed on Form Page 2.
Follow this format for each person. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES.
Hunt, Morgan Casey
Associate Professor of Psychology
eRA COMMONS USER NAME (credential, e.g., agency login)
EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, include postdoctoral training and
residency training if applicable.)
(if applicable)
University of California, Berkeley
University of Vermont Ph.D. 05/96
University of California, Berkeley Postdoctoral 08/98
Public Health and
A. Personal Statement
The goal of the proposed research is to investigate the interaction between drug abuse and normal aging
processes. Specifically, we plan to measure changes in cognitive ability and mental and physical health
across a five-year period in a group of older drug users and matched controls. I have the expertise, leadership
and motivation necessary to successfully carry out the proposed work. I have a broad background in
psychology, with specific training and expertise in key research areas for this application. As a postdoctoral
fellow at Berkeley, I carried out ethnographic and survey research and secondary data analysis on
psychological aspects of drug addiction. At the Division of Intramural Research at the National Institute on
Drug Abuse (NIDA), I expanded my research to include neuropsychological changes associated with addiction.
As PI or co-Investigator on several university- and NIH-funded grants, I laid the groundwork for the proposed
research by developing effective measures of disability, depression, and other psychosocial factors relevant to
the aging substance abuser, and by establishing strong ties with community providers that will make it possible
to recruit and track participants over time. In addition, I successfully administered the projects (e.g. staffing,
research protections, budget), collaborated with other researchers, and produced several peer-reviewed
publications from each project. As a result of these previous experiences, I am aware of the importance of
frequent communication among project members and of constructing a realistic research plan, timeline, and
budget. The current application builds logically on my prior work, and I have chosen co-investigators (Drs.
Gryczynski and Newlin) who provide additional expertise in cognition, gerontology and geriatrics. During 2005-
2006 my career was disrupted due to family obligations. However, upon returning to the field I immediately
resumed my research projects and collaborations and successfully competed for NIH support. In summary, I
have a demonstrated record of accomplished and productive research projects in an area of high relevance for
our aging population, and my expertise and experience have prepared me to lead the proposed project.
B. Positions and Honors
1998-2000 Fellow, Division of Intramural Research, National Institute of Drug Abuse, Bethesda, MD
Positions and Employment
2000-2002 Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT
2001- Consultant, Coastal Psychological Services, San Francisco, CA
2002-2005 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
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Biographical Sketch Sample 1