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Biology Research Assistant Resume
Biology Research Assistant Resume
CVs and Resumes
Curriculum Vitas (CV) and Resumes are both tools that help job seekers market
themselves on paper to prospective employers. This leads many applicants to ask, “When is it
appropriate to use a CV instead of a resume and what exactly is the difference” The table
below explains the differences between CVs and resumes.
Resume Curriculum Vita
Summary of
personal, educational
and work experience
that is relevant to a
specific position or
career path
Comprehensive biographical statement which reflects
one’s professional qualifications, activities and academic
1-2 pages As many pages as needed.
When to use
General job
search/anytime unless
specifically asked to
turn in a CV
Academia, research based field/position or when
specifically asked for it.
Objective Statement
(optional), Career
summary (if needed),
Education, Work
Volunteer work,
Activities, Honors
and Skills.
Professional/Career/Vocational/Research Objectives,
Education, Coursework, Honors/Achievements/Awards,
Thesis/Dissertation Abstract, Research Interests,
Research and/or Laboratory experience, Teaching
Interests and experience, Instrumentation experience,
Specialized skills, Publications/Presentations/Works in
Progress, Work Experience, Professional
Associations/Scientific societies, Background,
Community Service, Co-curricular Activities, Interests,
Travel, References/Letters of Recommendation.
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Biology Research Assistant Resume