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Blank Business Impact Analysis
Blank Business Impact Analysis
Business Impact Analysis
The purpose of the business impact analysis (BIA) is to identify which business units/departments and
processes are essential to the survival of _____________. The BIA will identify how quickly essential business
units and/or processes have to return to full operation following a disaster situation. The BIA will also identify
the resources required to resume business operations.
Business impacts are identified based on worst-case Scenario that assumes that the physical infrastructure
supporting each respective business unit has been destroyed and all records, equipment, etc. are not accessible
for 30 days. Please note that the BIA will not address recovery solutions.
The objectives of the BIA are as follows:
Estimate the financial impacts for each business unit, assuming a worst case scenario.
Estimate the intangible (operational) impacts for each business unit, assuming a worst-case scenario.
Identify the organization’s business unit processes and the estimated recovery time frame for each
business unit.
Each Facility Business Continuity Planner shall perform a BIA on all business processes to determine the
criticality of these processes to ______________ and to determine what the impacts are to the organization if
those processes were interrupted. It shall identify the business process availability Recovery Time Objectives
(RTOs), business process Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), key business processes and the associated risks if
these processes were not available.
Each Facility within __________________. should have a Business Impact Analysis which includes each
department and process located within the facility.
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Blank Business Impact Analysis