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8. LIQUID FILLED FURNISHINGS: No liquid filled furniture, receptacle containing more than ten gallons of
liquid is permitted without prior written consent and meeting the requirements of the OWNER. RESIDENT also
agrees to carry insurance deemed appropriate by OWNER to cover possible losses that may be caused by such items.
9. PARKING: When and if RESIDENT is assigned a parking area/space on OWNER'S property, the parking
area/space shall be used exclusively for parking of passenger automobiles and/or those approved vehicles listed on
RESIDENT'S Application attached hereto. RESIDENT is hereby assigned or permitted to park only in the following
area or space ____________________________. The parking fee for this space (if applicable is $________ monthly.
Said space shall not be used for the washing, painting, or repair of vehicles. No other parking space shall be used by
RESIDENT or RESIDENT'S guest(s). RESIDENT is responsible for oil leaks and other vehicle discharges for which
RESIDENT shall be charged for cleaning if deemed necessary by OWNER.
10. NOISE: RESIDENT agrees not to cause or allow any noise or activity on the premises which might disturb the
peace and quiet of another RESIDENT and/or neighbor. Said noise and/or activity shall be a breach of this agreement.
11. DESTRUCTION OF PREMISES: If the premises become totally or partially destroyed during the term of this
Agreement so that RESIDENT'S use is seriously impaired, OWNER or RESIDENT may terminate this Agreement
immediately upon three day written notice to the other.
12. CONDITION OF PREMISES: RESIDENT acknowledges that he has examined the premises and that said
premises, all furnishings, fixtures, furniture, plumbing, heating, electrical facilities, all items listed on the attached
property condition checklist, if any, and/or all other items provided by OWNER are all clean, and in good satisfactory
condition except as may be indicated elsewhere in this Agreement. RESIDENT agrees to keep the premises and all
items in good order and good condition and to immediately pay for costs to repair and/or replace any portion of the
above damaged by RESIDENT, his guests and/or invitees, except as provided by law. At the termination of this
Agreement, all of above items in this provision shall be returned to OWNER in clean and good condition except for
reasonable wear and tear and the premises shall be free of all personal property and trash not belonging to OWNER. It
is agreed that all dirt, holes, tears, burns, and stains of any size or amount in the carpets, drapes, walls, fixtures, and/or
any other part of the premises, do not constitute reasonable wear and tear.
13. ALTERATIONS: RESIDENT shall not paint, wallpaper, alter or redecorate, change or install locks, install
antenna or other equipment, screws, fastening devices, large nails, or adhesive materials, place signs, displays, or
other exhibits, on or in any portion of the premises without the written consent of the OWNER except as may be
provided by law.
14: PROPERTY MAINTENANCE: RESIDENT shall deposit all garbage and waste in a clean and sanitary manner
into the proper receptacles and shall cooperate in keeping the garbage area neat and clean. RESIDENT shall be
responsible for disposing of items of such size and nature as are not normally acceptable by the garbage hauler.
RESIDENT shall be responsible for keeping the kitchen and bathroom drains free of things that may tend to cause
clogging of the drains. RESIDENT shall pay for the cleaning out of any plumbing fixture that may need to be cleared
of stoppage and for the expense or damage caused by stopping of waste pipes or overflow from bathtubs, wash basins,
or sinks.
15. HOUSE RULES: RESIDENT shall comply with all house rules as stated on separate addendum, but which are
deemed part of this rental agreement, and a violation of any of the house rules is considered a breach of this
16. CHANGE OF TERMS: The terms and conditions of this agreement are subject to future change by OWNER
after the expiration of the agreed lease period upon 30-day written notice setting forth such change and delivered to
RESIDENT. Any changes are subject to laws in existence at the time of the Notice of Change Of Terms.
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