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British Columbia Power of Attorney Form
British Columbia Power of Attorney Form
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HSBC Bank Canada
POWER OF ATTORNEY (for use in British Columbia)
(name of Donor)
(address of Donor)
1. Appointment: I hereby appoint the following person(s):
Jointly Jointly or Singly
(Initial one box if there is more than one attorney. If left blank, my attorneys must act jointly. If I choose to allow my attorneys to act
singly, I confirm that my attorneys needs not act unanimously in respect of the areas of authority set out in this document.)
to be my Attorney(s) for my financial affairs in regards to my account(s) at HSBC Bank Canada or any of its subsidiaries (the “Bank”),
subject to any conditions and restrictions contained herein, and I authorize my Attorney(s) to do, from time to time, the following acts and
things on my behalf and in my name involving the Bank which I could if capable:
(a) To draw, accept, assign, sign, make, endorse, negotiate and deal with all or any bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques, drafts,
deposit instruments and orders for the payments of money, warehouse receipts and bills of lading;
(b) To pay and receive all monies and securities held for my account (whether for safekeeping or by way of security or otherwise) and
give receipts, releases and acquittances for the same;
(c) To arrange, settle, balance and certify all books, statements and accounts and sign the Bank’s regular form of confirmation of balance
and vouchers, and any receipts and releases in respect thereof;
(d) To borrow money by way of discount, overdraft or otherwise and to give any security or securities upon any of my property, rights
and assets, present or future, whether real or personal or otherwise, for any debt or liability incurred or to be incurred by me or by my
Attorney(s) on my behalf;
(e) To subscribe for, accept, purchase, sell, transfer, surrender and in every way deal with shares, stocks, bonds, debentures and securities
of every kind and description through the agency of the Bank or otherwise and to pay and receive the purchase money therefore and to
give receipts, acquittances and releases for the same;
(f) To authorize and empower any manager or other officer of the Bank to accept in my name all or any drafts and bills of exchange;
(g) To receive any notice, notification, writ or process;
(h) To establish, make contributions to or withdrawals from, transfer all or part of, redeem or terminate my Registered Retirement Savings
Plans or similar retirement savings plans;
(i) To execute and deliver all deeds and other documents necessary for the above purposes; and
(j) Generally to transact with the Bank any business my Attorney(s) may see fit on my behalf and in my name as fully and effectually as I
could do if present.
Safety Deposit Box: I authorize my Attorney(s) to have access to, control of and the power to deposit or remove any contents, including
testamentary documents, securities, writings, jewellery and other items of any kind whatsoever, of any safety deposit box held by me at the Bank.
3. Acknowledgement of Tax Liability: I acknowledge that termination or redemption of a Registered Retirement Savings Plan or similar
retirement savings plan could result in a significant tax liability.
4. Multiple Powers of Attorney: This power of attorney is in addition to and does not revoke any previous power of attorney granted by me.
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British Columbia Power of Attorney Form