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Budget Proposal Template 3
C. Consultant Costs
Total $ XXXXXX
(This category is appropriate when hiring an individual to give professional advice or services
(e.g., training, expert consultant, etc.) for a fee but not as an employee of the grantee
1. Name of Consultant
2. Organizational Affiliation (if applicable)
3. Nature of Services To Be Rendered
4. The Number of Days of Consultation (basis for fee)
5. The Expected Rate of Compensation (travel, per diem, other related expenses)--
list a subtotal for each consultant in this category
6. Method of Accountability
(If the above information is unknown for any consultant at the time the application is submitted,
the information may be submitted at a later date as a revision to the budget. In the body of the
budget request, a summary should be provided of the proposed consultants and amounts for
D. Equipment
Total $XXXX
Item Requested
How Many
Unit Cost
1. Hand-held
inspection tool
1. Hand-held inspection unit--Provide complete justification for all requested
equipment, including a description of how it will be used in the program.
E. Supplies
Total $XXXXX
(Individually list each item requested. Show the unit cost of each item, number needed, and total
amount. Provide justification for each item and relate it to specific project objectives. If
appropriate, Project Specific Office Supplies may be shown by an estimated amount per year
times the number of direct staff in the budget category.)
Project Specific Field Equipment (pens, paper, palm pilot, etc.)
$240/year x 3 direct staff = $ 720
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Sample Format for Budget Request