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(Some of the Other items are self-explanatory (telephone, postage, rent) unless the unit
rate or total amount requested is excessive. If not, include additional justification. For
printing costs, identify the types and number of copies of documents to be printed (e.g.,
procedure manuals, materials for marketing campaign)
H. Contractual Costs
Total $ XXXX
(A summary should be provided of the proposed contracts and the amounts for
1. Name of Contractor
2. Method of Selection
3. Period of Performance
4. Scope of Work
5. Method of Accountability
6. Itemized Budget and Justification
I. Total Direct Costs Total $XXX
(Show total direct costs by listing totals of each category)
J. Indirect Costs
Indicate method of calculating your indirect costs (e.g., Indirect costs = x% of Direct
Total Indirect Costs
Total $ XXXX
Grand Total Requested
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Sample Format for Budget Request