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Business Agenda Minutes Pdf
Format for Agendas and Minutes
Any attempt to provide a specific format for minutes within the College of Nursing will extend to a format
for agendas. This will allow for consistency of these two documents as well as the agenda serving as a guide for
the person recording the minutes. The following format has been adopted by the Dean's Council:
Heading. This will include identification of the specific committee.
Time, date, and place of meeting
Members present. The person presiding should be identified
Members absent
Action on minutes of previous meetings
Announcements - This is from the chair and/or members.
Committee or subcommittee reports - When appropriate, this may include action items
presented by members.
Unfinished business - This includes any items carried from previous meetings requiring
action or discussion including tabled or postponed motions. In some cases unfinished items
may be carried from the previous year.
New business - This includes any item not presented to the members at any previous
meeting time during the academic year.
Recorder's signature
All drafts and written material used by the membership in reaching a decision should accompany the minutes
with designation in the minutes, i.e., "See Exhibit A." The chairperson of the committee is responsible for
maintaining the attachments and exhibits for the dean's office files.
Action Items in the Minutes
All items requiring a vote of the members should be indented in the body of the minutes and numbered in
consecutive order. For example,
MOTION #1 P. Bailey moved that the Alumni Day become an annual event.
Seconded by J. Smith. Motion lost after discussion.
According to Robert's only motions carried must appear in the minutes, but frequently failed motions need to
be in the minutes in order for the actions and activities of the committee to be a part of the permanent record.
If the action item represents a policy, the minutes should reflect the following information:
1. Date the policy is forwarded to a subsequent committee or body such as University Senate (if
2. Date to be implemented
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Business Agenda Minutes Pdf