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General notes:
This document is a template and should be customised to your specific
purpose and tailored to the requirements of the intended recipients.
The document is available in MS word format and can be e-mailed, put on
disk/flash if required (at an additional charge).
1. Business, Administrative & Contact Information
a. Business name: company/Trust name CC/Pty (Ltd)/Ltd trading as XYZ (if
b. Business type: Sole proprietor/Closed corporation/Private
c. Company registration number: self explanatory
d. Tax reference number: self explanatory
e. VAT number: self explanatory
f. Tel: Multiple numbers if available
g. Fax: land line and fax-2-email number/s (Fax to e-mail fax numbers available
from The P.A. Shop)
h. E-mail: company
i. Cell: if applicable
j. Physical address:
k. Postal Address:
l. Docex Address:
m. Banking details:
Business Profile of (insert company name here)
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Business Company Profile Template