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Business Continuity Plan Template 3
Business Continuity Plan Template 3
Business Continuity Planning Template
January 2007
Three influenza pandemics occurred in the last century, and public health experts predict
that another is likely some time in the future. No one can predict when it might happen or
how severe it will be. It is prudent to plan for one, however. In the event of an influenza
pandemic, UNL will have four objectives:
Minimize the risk of pandemic influenza to students, faculty and staff.
Support students who remain in Lincoln.
Continue functions essential to university operations during a pandemic.
After the pandemic, resume normal teaching, research and service operations as
soon as possible.
To be better prepared to respond to a pandemic outbreak, all UNL departments and
units are asked to use this form to describe how your department or unit will operate
during an influenza pandemic, and recover afterwards to be fully operational. This is
your Plan; feel free to augment this template to meet your needs. The process of
planning for an emergency is very valuable. Be collaborative when drafting this, and
seek comments from your staff and leadership. For detailed instructions and more
information, call University Police at 472-4467.
Planning Assumptions
Although no one knows the precise characteristics of the next influenza pandemic, UNL
is basing its plans on the following assumptions:
1. To reduce the risk of illness, public health officials may request that UNL take social
distancing measures such as canceling public events and suspending classes. If a
severe outbreak were to occur, we should expect to suspend on-campus classes for
7-10 weeks.
2. Employee absenteeism can reach 40 percent for periods of about 2 weeks at the
height of a pandemic wave, with lower levels of staff absent for a few weeks on
either side of the peak.
3. For planning purposes, assume that absent employees include leaders, heads and
personnel with primary responsibility for essential functions.
4. Fifty percent of your supplies will not be available during the 7-10 week period of
5. For planning purposes, assume that the wave will occur during the fall or spring
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Business Continuity Plan Template 3