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Business Impact Analysis Workbook Template
BIA Introduction
The Business Impact Analysis template is a tool to assist departments in performing a Business
Impact Analysis (BIA). This template serves as a comprehensive resource, allowing
departments to fully assess the loss of a function and the related impact rather than specific
emergency events.
The template is designed to be used once departments have compiled a listing of all of their
business functions. Each function then is analyzed using this template and the results recorded.
The weights of the risk factors should be modified by the department to customize them to the
department's environment. The template organizational nomenclature may be revised to meet
individual department structures.
When all business functions have been analyzed the overall results are then entered into the
BIA Overall template (separate worksheet) to project an overview of the impact of all functions.
The COOP team should then meet to normalize the results and provide consistency. Once final,
the COOP team must decide where to draw the line to designate which functions are essential.
There also may be some functions that are only performed in an emergency and the
department may wish to add those in without scoring.
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Business Impact Analysis Workbook Template