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Business Plan Template
Business Plan Template
The Business Plan
You’ve got a business idea. You’ve decided to start a business.
You want to get going.
But there’s a lot more to a good business than a good idea.
You need to think things through to maximise your chances of success.
Are you the right person to run the business Will customers like your product
A business plan will help you turn an idea into a business. It needs you to think through all the
parts of your business to plan how everything will work. It will take a few weeks to write if you’re
going to do it properly. Some parts will be easier to complete than others.
Stick at it because it’s not the final document that’s important, it’s the process. Although you
want to have a good plan when you’re done, an OK plan is better than no plan.
The Prince’s Trust Business Plan Pack
The best business plans aren’t long and complex; they explain only the most important information what you want
to achieve, how you will get there and the things you need to do along the way.
It’s best to tackle a business plan in small chunks. The Prince’s Trust Business Plan Pack can help. This is The
Business Plan divided into sections to help you develop your business idea. You can use the information in The
Guide to help you complete the sections. Some of the sections of The Business Plan have tables to record the
financial parts of your business. The tables are also available in MS Excel format and the sums in these are
The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme
The Prince’s Trust has helped many young people to complete their business plans and start their own businesses.
If you are aged 1830 and unemployed or working fewer than 16 hours per week, then we might be able to help
you. We have offices throughout the UK and in each there is a team of Enterprise Programme staff.
To take part, you need to be interested in self employment and have a business idea that you would like help to
test and explore. The programme can then help you to see if your business idea will work and whether self
employment is right for you. If through this process you find out it is, the programme can offer mentoring support
and, if you really need it, financial support to start your business. However, if self employment turns out not to be
the right option, the programme can offer support to secure other goals in employment, education, training or
voluntary work.
We can’t guarantee that your business will work or that we will be able to offer you money, but if you are up for a
challenge and want our help to explore your business idea, get in touch and come and meet us.
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Business Plan Template