Business Proposal Presentation Template - Free Download
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Business Proposal Presentation Template
Business Proposal Presentation Template
PowerPoint Proposal: User Guide
When to use Larger or more corporate businesses.
Please note: When deciding what type of proposal to create you need to consider your audience on a case
by case basis.
How to use This PowerPoint Proposal is designed for you to present to your potential business partners, as well as
leave with copies with them at the end of the meeting.
The template contains key slides and outline content as well as guidance notes. The guidance notes
are located in the notes section – ensure this section visible by selecting View > Normal.
You need to customise the proposal using information about your organisation as well as the business you
are approaching. Insert logos by selecting View > Master > Master slide
You do not need to include every slide – delete slides as appropriate.
Style Keep the language you use simple, clear and jargon free, not technical or ambiguous
Be clear and concise, where possible use bullet points, charts and tables
Language should not be passive and represent that a partnership has mutual responsibilities and
Use facts and figures where possible to validate your points. Ensure you can provide a reference for
these facts and figures.
Where possible use real case studies, stories, examples and pictures to bring your organisations work
to life
Plan to present for 30 minutes and then allow 30 minutes for questions. Where possible be brief to
encourage questions and stimulate discussion
Presentation tips Get to know your material but try not to memorise it
Rehearse your presentation in front of a colleague and get some honest feedback
Pause when delivering key points to increase the impact of your message
Use questions to your audience about their own experiences to stimulate discussion
Get to know your equipment before the meeting
Speak to your audience rather than your slides to make your presentation more engaging
Use humour to break the ice
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Business Proposal Presentation Template