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Business Rate Sheet Template
Business Rate Sheet Template
Business Rate Sheet
As of August 1, 2016
Dependable service, fair prices and more choices--it all adds up to better value for our customers. The following are the current prices for the most common schedules
available to business customers. Detailed terms and conditions for all prices and schedules are provided in our taris.
You may qualify for more than one schedule. Price selection is your responsibility. Upon request, we will evaluate your utilities use to determine your qualications,
including which schedule would be most benecial to you. A requested change to another applicable schedule will be applied only to services used after your request
goes into eect. To view our taris, rules and regulations, visit us at or call us at 448-4800.
Small commercial & industrial (less than 500 kWh in each of the last 12 billing periods.)
E1C: Small E2C:
Commercial General
Access charge per day $0.5010 $0.6899
Access charge per kWh $0.0763 $0.0575
Electric Cost Adjustment (ECA), per kWh $0.0169 $0.0169
Electric Capacity Charge (ECC), per kWh $0.0014 $0.0012
Large commercial & industrial - Time of Day
ETL: E8T: 500 kW min. E8S: 4,000 kW
>1,000 kWh to 3,999 kW in 4,000 kW min.
per day last 12 billing in last 12
periods billing periods
Access/Facilities charge per day $2.8281 $21.0248 $34.7526
Electric Cost Adjustment (ECA)
on peak, per kWh $0.0417 $0.0417 $0.0417
Electric Cost Adjustment (ECA)
o-peak, per kWh $0.0165 $0.0165 $0.0165
On-peak demand, per kW per day $0.6810 $0.7257 $0.6064
O-peak demand, per kW per day $0.4426 $0.4354 $0.3638
ECC per kWh $0.0015 $0.0011 $0.0008
On-peak periods Oct. - March: 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday
On-peak periods April - Sept.: 11a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday
O-peak periods: all other hours plus legally-observed holidays
Primary service is available for E8T and E8s rates. Call for details.
Natural Gas (12.01 PSIA pressure base)
Small commercial Large commercial
Standard Standard Seasonal Option
Access charge per day $0.3930 $0.7860 $0.7860
Access charge per CCF $0.1645 $0.1480 *see below*
Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA), per CCF $0.1368 $0.1368 $0.1368
Gas Capacity Charge (GCC), per CFF $0.1073 $0.0894 $0.0734
*Nov. through April = $0.1724 / May through October = $0.0625
Inside City Outside City
Service charge per day (<2” meter) $1.5270 $2.2905
Commodity charge Nov. - April per CF $0.0401 $0.0602
Commodity charge May - Oct. per CF $0.0601 $0.0902
Inside City Outside City
Service charge per day $0.9953 $1.4930
Commodity charge per CF $0.0262 $0.0393
(For large industrial customers, extra strength surcharges may apply.)
Other charges/fees
Restoration of any combination of services: $30
Return payment charge: $30
*After hours re-connect charge: $10 plus $30 restoration charge
*Normal working hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Sales tax
Sales tax is assessed only for electric and natural gas service on behalf of state and local
governments unless tax exempt status is led and on record with us.
Discontinuance of service due to nonpayment
In cases where services have been discontinued for nonpayment, the customer shall be
charged the per day access and facilities charge for the entire period, including those days
the service is discontinued.
Third party notication
A form which allows a duplicate notice of service discontinuance (for nonpayment) to be
sent to another person (third party) may be obtained at our oce by calling 448-4800.
kWh = kilowatt hours CF = cubic foot CCF = hundred cubic feet
ECA = electric cost adjustment GCA = gas cost adjustment ECC = electric capacity charge
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Business Rate Sheet Template