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o competitiveness
o appropriate vocational skills
o direction.
2. A recent national publication (1991 ASCUS Annual) listed the following eight intangibles as
important when evaluating teaching candidates:
1. empathy,
2. native intelligence,
3. a divergent, abstract thinking style,
4. a high level of commitment,
5. the ability to be a "self-starter,"
6. a high energy level,
7. the recognition that excellence is a journey, not a destination, and
8. the potential ability to lead.
2. Other skills
1. communication skills (written and oral)
2. willingness to take initiative
3. level of motivation
4. planning and organizational skills
5. technical or professional knowledge or skills
6. flexibility/adaptability
7. interpersonal skills
8. willingness to accept responsibility/leadership
9. analytical/problem-solving ability
10. group interaction and team-working skills
Real-Life Examples:
Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Mr. James Miller
To Whom It May Concern:
James worked under my supervision as an editorial assistant from September 10, 1997, until April 5, 1998.
His responsibilities included conducting research and interviews, fact checking, and writing brief front-of-
the-book pieces, in addition to some clerical duties. During the course of his employment, James proved
himself to be an able employee, a hard worker, and a talented writer.
I was quite impressed by James' ability to complete all work assigned to him on time, if not before it was
due. His research was always thorough and comprehensive, and his fact checking always accurate. We
sometimes allow our editorial assistants to do some writing, but James' talents prompted us to assign him
more pieces than the norm. His writing is clear, concise, and evocative.
Overall, James is a very conscientious and able employee. I certainly believe he has what it takes to make a
wonderful editor someday, and I am sad to see him leave. I strongly recommend James for any mid-level
editorial position in publishing.
Edward P. Larkin
Executive Editor
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