Business Swot Analysis Template - Free Download
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Business Swot Analysis Template
Business Swot Analysis Template
Small Business SWOT Analysis
A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis can help you identify the successes of your business,
as well as your areas for improvement. Its also helpful to assess your competitors SWOT.
Here is some helpful tips below;
What advantages do you have over your competitors
What expertise do you have
What products or services do you have that are unique
What resources do you have access to
What do customers identify as your strengths
What resources do you lack (e.g. lack of finances, limited
marketing, expertise, poor location)
What does your business not do well
Where are the good opportunities in your industry (e.g.
internet, franchising, export, retail etc)
Identify a niche your business can dominate.
What trends are you aware of that could influence your
Which opportunities best match your strengths
What threats are taking place that could negatively affect
your business
How can the economy affect your business
What are your competitors doing that could impact you
Which threats cane be addressed by improving on a
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Business Swot Analysis Template