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Buyer's Temporary Residential Lease
TREC NO. 16-5
1. PARTIES: The parties to this Lease are
(Landlord) and (Tenant).
2. LEASE: Landlord leases to Tenant the Property described in the Contract between Landlord as Seller
and Tenant as Buyer known as
3. TERM: The term of this Lease commences and terminates as
specified in Paragraph 18.
4. RENTAL: Rental will be $ per day. Upon commencement of this Lease, Tenant shall
pay to Landlord the full amount of rental of $ for the anticipated term of the Lease
(commencement date to the Closing Date specified in Paragraph 9 of the Contract). If the actual term
of this Lease differs from the anticipated term, any additional rent or reimbursement will be paid at
closing. No portion of the rental will be applied to payment of any items covered by the Contract.
5. DEPOSIT: Tenant has paid to Landlord $ as a deposit to secure performance
of this Lease by Tenant. If this Lease is terminated before the Closing Date, Landlord may use the
deposit to satisfy Tenant's obligations under this Lease. Landlord shall refund to Tenant any unused
portion of the deposit together with an itemized list of all deductions from the deposit within 30 days
after Tenant (a) surrenders possession of the Property and (b) provides Landlord written notice of
Tenant's forwarding address. If this Lease is terminated by the closing and funding of the sale of the
Property, the deposit
will be refunded to Tenant at closing
and funding
NOTICE: The deposit must be in addition to the earnest money under the Contract.
6. UTILITIES: Tenant shall pay all utility connections, deposits and charges except
, which Landlord shall pay.
7. USE OF PROPERTY: Tenant may use the Property only for residential purposes. Tenant may not
assign this Lease or sublet any part of the Property.
8. PETS: Tenant may not keep pets on the Property except .
Tenant accepts the Property in its present condition and state of repair,
but Landlord shall make all repairs and improvements required by the Contract.
If this Lease is
terminated prior to closing, Tenant shall surrender possession of the Property to Landlord in its present
condition, as improved by Landlord, except normal wear and tear and any casualty loss.
Tenant may not: (a) make any holes or drive nails into the woodwork, floors, walls or
ceilings (b) alter, paint or decorate the Property or (c) install improvements or fixtures without the prior
written consent of Landlord. Any improvements or fixtures placed on the Property during the Lease
become a part of the Property.
12. INSPECTIONS: Landlord may enter at reasonable times to inspect, replace, repair or complete the
improvements. Tenant shall provide Landlord door keys and access codes to allow access to the
Property during the term of the Lease.
13. LAWS:
Tenant shall comply with all applicable laws, restrictions, ordinances, rules and regulations with
to the Property.
14. REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE: Except as otherwise provided in this Lease, Tenant shall bear all
expense of repairing, replacing and maintaining the Property, including but not limited to the yard,
trees, shrubs, and all equipment and appliances, unless otherwise required by the Texas Property
Code. Tenant shall promptly repair at Tenant's expense any damage to the Property caused directly or
indirectly by any act or omission of the Tenant or any person other than the Landlord, Landlord's
agents or invitees.
Initialed for identification by Landlord and Tenant
(NOTICE: For use only when BUYER occupies the property for no more than 90 days PRIOR the closing)
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Buyer's Temporary Residential Lease