Camping Checklist Excel - Free Download
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Camping Checklist Excel
Camping Checklist Excel
Read Me - Family Camping Checklist
If you need a checklist to help with your next car camping trip, feel free to use mine.
The checklist is an Excel spreadsheet; use it to help ‘jump start’ your thinking about what is needed for a successful and fun, multi-day,
family camping trip. Add, delete, and modify as needed.
There are many more items listed than what you will need. This is intentional, as each trip requires some degree of new thinking and
planning to accommodate changes in weather, location, and personal interests. You are responsible for modifying the checklist to
include any items that you believe maximizes the safety, comfort and security of your own family.
This spreadsheet is organized by tab:
Read Me / Camping Equipment / Cooking Equipment / Food / Food Example / Personal Items / The Trip
Each tab includes instructions and an example of how to fill in your information.
This complimentary checklist is provided for your own personal/family use.
I hope you find this beneficial and that your camping trip will be easier to plan than you may have originally thought.
Mark @ Lets Go Exploring!
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Camping Checklist Excel