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Career Development Plan
Career Development Plan
Career Development Plan
Name: _____________________ Date: ___________
This career development plan template can be used as a tool to guide your thought process
and map your progress over a chosen period. It is intended to be used in conjunction with
the Career Navigation at UBC website, which provides you with links to resources, tools and
websites within UBC that may be helpful in planning your career.
Completion of this plan will follow a 4 step process. Each step will address specific career
related questions:
1. What skills do you already possess (Where are you now)
2. What do you want for your career (Where do you want to go)
3. How might you get there (What steps do you need to take to get there)
4. Who can help (What resources might I use)
You can complete it at your leisure, print and save a copy for your personal use.
Please use a separate sheet of paper if you need more space to add information.
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Career Development Plan