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Catering Business Swot Analysis
Catering Business Swot Analysis
SWOT analysis for taking catering in-house
Staff development: team building,
participation with pupils, empowerment of staff,
freedom to implement training. Control of
developing staff capacity, empowering staff,
influence attitudes and confidence, ensure they
are integrated across the whole school and
respond to implementing effective whole school
food policies. Freedom to develop creativity in
menus and staff skills.
Procurement: local management and control
of suppliers, freedom to negotiate price and
design menus. Develop local procurement
clientele, guarantee ingredients for menu
preparation; menu design / portion and price
control and quality assurance; manage / prevent
food wastage.
Maintenance: Quick response to breakdown /
Communication: Improved communication
between school and catering staff, no time
Investment: Control of expenditure, profit re-
invested into school catering.
Network: with neighbouring DIY schools
create clusters to access staff / equipment etc
develop risk management strategies. !
Financial control: Risk if miscalculated
business plan, equipment (new equipment,
breakdowns, replacements) increased costs
(food, staff, utility bills).
Technical issues: Initial lack of expertise in
food specifications. Loss of expertise of menu
development, training on legal requirements for
a food preparation area, safety/hygiene etc.
Communication: Keeping up to date with new
food standards, takes more time/commitment
from a staff member; risk if leadership within
the school management changes, loss of
Freedom: to develop service, implement
Diversity: freedom to plan, negotiate choice,
prices and quality with suppliers, to source local
produce and address food miles (local garden
market) more opportunities to link and inform
Extended services: freedom to promote
extended services provision, after school clubs,
OAPs, Sports Groups, Outside Catering,
engaging with the public. Time to plan and
Finance: Cost of training: fire, HACCP, food
hygiene, safety, first aid.
Staff: Absence, loss of staff and commitment.
Environmental health: Food poisoning
Capacity: Increased numbers wanting school
meals, impacts on dining room capacity.
Monitoring: Ofsted, monitoring criteria
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Catering Business Swot Analysis