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Catering Services Proposal Template
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On Restaurant/Company Letterhead
Dear (Mr/Mrs last name):
We are pleased to submit the enclosed proposal for your son’s rehearsal dinner to be
held in your home on Friday evening, June 17
for 30 to 40 guests.
In addition to our fine food and friendly, experienced staff, we provide a full array of
additional catering services. This includes items such as china, silverware, customize
centerpieces and flower arrangements as well as entertainment, valet and security
We will work with you to ensure this event reflects your own taste and personal touches.
Our goal is to relieve you of the many details that go along with hosting a successful
party so that you, as well as your guests, can thoroughly enjoy this special event.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or would like
to inquire about any additional ways we may be of service.
Thank you for your interest in our catering services. We look forward to working with
you to make this special event a success in every possible way.
Very best regards,
(Owner, Manager, Catering Manager)
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Catering Services Proposal Template