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Celebrity Confidentiality Agreement Template
Celebrity Confidentiality Agreement Template
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Confidentiality Agreement
Rev. 2013/05v3
All contingent workers (i.e. anyone not employed by Columbia St. Mary’s) must follow this Confidentiality
Agreement. Please read it carefully before signing. You will be held accountable for your actions. Ask questions if
there is anything you do not understand.
I understand that:
“Patient Information” is private and protected information about a patient, received through your
experience at CSM.
“Business Information” is information about Columbia St. Mary’s business, received through your
experience at CSM.
Private and protected means cannot be shared with anyone who does not have a right to know.
I will:
treat all patient information as private and protected
discuss patient information only in private
discuss patient information only with those who have a need to know (this is true whether I am on duty
or off)
access the least amount of patient information I need to perform my role
share the least amount of patient information necessary
only release patient information when my role requires it
not access any information on friends, relatives, neighbors, celebrities, or co-workers (this includes
information on computer and on paper) outside of my assigned job duties (i.e. personal curiosity).
ensure patient confidentiality when utilizing patient data for educational purposes
I understand that Columbia St. Mary’s business data:
is private
is owned by Columbia St. Mary’s
can only be accessed when I need it to perform my role
cannot be shared or discussed with anyone, except as part of my role
I understand that the Information (computer) Systems:
are owned by Columbia St. Mary’s
can be used only if I follow Columbia St. Mary’s rules
I must:
use only my assigned user ids and passwords to perform my role/job function
never allow anyone else to use my user ids and passwords, including co-workers, friends and peers
log off from or lock the workstation when I leave it, to prevent viewing of private information
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Celebrity Confidentiality Agreement Template