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Certificate Of Re Employment Template
Certificate Of Re Employment Template
1Reemp Cert / Dec 2011
Date of receipt:
Certicate of Re-employment
Notes: Where we hold your email address we may use this address to communicate with you. Complete Part A and pass to your
employer to complete Part B. A separate certicate is required from each employer if you have more than one. You must complete
this form in each tax year you are re-employed.
1. Teacher’s reference number
2. Surname (one character per box)
3. Former surname (if any)
4. First name
5. Title (please tick, or state if other)
Mrs Miss
Ms Other
6. Date of birth (e.g. dd/mm/yy)
7. National Insurance number
8. Contact address
9. Home telephone number (inc. STD code)
10. Mobile telephone number
11. Email address
12. Did your employer increase your retirement benets
Yes No
13. Please conrm the date you rst commenced teaching
employment after retirement.
Part A: To be completed by the applicant in all cases.
Date of receipt:
Section 1: Personal details. Information required to assess the eect of earnings from re-employment on pension.
Please return to us at:
Teachers’ Pensions,
Mowden Hall
Darlington, DL3 9EE
Data Protection Act 1998. The Department for Education (DfE) will use any information you provide in connection
with the Teachers’ Pension Scheme to administer and operate the scheme and pay benets under it. This may include
passing details to third parties that are involved in the administration and operation of the scheme. The DfE may
also use your data for administrative purposes in line with its data protection notication. In order to full its duty to
protect public money, the DfE may use information it holds to prevent and detect fraud. It may also share information
with other organisations that handle public funds. If there is any dierence between the legislation governing the
Teachers’ Pension Scheme and the information in this leaet, the legislation will apply.
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source: teacherspensions.co.uk
Certificate Of Re Employment Template