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Certificate Of Re Employment Template
2Reemp Cert / Dec 2011
Part B: To be completed by the employer and returned without delay.
Salary scale
Full/Part-time (F/P)
Start date
End date
Full-time annual salary rate (£)
(inc. Pensionable Allowance)
Actual part-time
salary paid (£)
Is salary safeguarded (S)
London Additions (I/A/O/F)
Social priority (1/2/3/4)
Special classes (7/8)
Withdrawal indicator (W)
Other allowances (£)
(inc. safeguard element)
Supp eld
School No. or
Employment code
Days excluded (other than part-time)
Section 1: Employment details
1. Establishment number
2. Teacher’s reference number
3. Last date of employment (if known)
Notes: This section must be completed where the teacher is in
receipt of Age or Premature Retirement Benets and phased
retirement benets received on or after normal pension age. It is
not required for teachers only in receipt of Actuarially Adjusted
Benets or Phased Retirement Benets which have been
actuarially adjusted.
You are required to complete all sections of Part B, irrespective of
whether pension contributions should have been deducted.
Service details must be provided for a full year or up to the
member’s last day of re-employed service (whichever is earliest),
and must not span 31 March. Where there is a future’ end date
please provide forecasted earnings up to that date if possible.
In cases where the member has been re-employed on a part-time
basis and there are no earnings, please indicate the service as all
days out. The ‘special classes’ indicator must be completed in
all cases of part-time re-employment, i.e ‘7’ for regular part-time
and ‘8’ for irregular part-time.
If the re-employment is in a supply capacity, you must retain the
Certicate and submit it as soon as the earnings are known.
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source: teacherspensions.co.uk
Certificate Of Re Employment Template