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Character Reference Letter For Adoptive Parents
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To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to express my unequivocal support of ___________ and
___________ as prospective adoptive parents.
I came to know this couple because their 5-year-old son, _________, was in my
own son's preschool class and the two became fast friends. Subsequently, the
__________s became close with my husband and me, and we all spend a good deal of
time together socially.
I have witnessed first-hand the loving attention they show toward their son. They
have provided him with many opportunities for self-discovery by way of music classes,
gymnastics and other organized activities. But even more importantly, __________ and
________ are truly hands-on parents. It is such a joy to see ____________ crawling
around the yard on his hands and knees growling like a dinosaur, just because he loves
seeing _________ laugh. And not only is __________ great with her son; she is one of
the most compassionate people I have ever met. When I or someone else in our playgroup
is in a pinch, she is the first to step in an offer to drive, visit a sick friend and so on.
Together, this couple is just amazing. Of course, they have occasional
disagreements like any normal couple, but they are truly best friends. They treat each
other with mutual respect and have created a stable, secure home for _____________.
___________ would be so excited to welcome a new baby brother or sister into
this loving household. It is my strong desire that __________ and _________ be able to
expand their family through adoption.
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Character Reference Letter For Adoptive Parents