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Charity Resume Template
Charity Resume Template
Writing Your Resume
A resume presents your story by highlighting your skills (the things you do well). Employers initially scan
a resume for 30 to 60 seconds so your story needs to be descriptive and concise at the same time. When
writing your resume think about what you want the organization to know about you. Identify your top 2-3
skills and the experiences that demonstrate these skills.
Resume Basics
Here are common resume sections and tips for writing each section
Name and Contact Information
• List your name, current address, telephone and/or cell phone number and e-mail address.
Add your permanent address if it’s helpful information for the employer.
What do you want the organization to know about your academic experience
This section features your college academic experiences.
List institutions you attended and location (city/state) in reverse chronological order.
Include degree you will receive; month/year of graduation.
Optional information includes: GPA (3.0 or above overall or in concentration); course highlights;
awards/honors; study abroad; high school (if you are a 1st year student).
What do you want the organization to learn about you from reviewing your experiences
This section highlights your most relevant experiences and can include volunteer, leadership,
work, internship, and/or extracurricular experiences.
To draw the organization’s attention use more than one experience section with titles that
emphasize the specic types of experiences that connect with the employer. For example:
community service, research, international, leadership.
Include title, name of organization, locations (city/state) and dates.
Describe experiences highlighting skills used/gained and tangible accomplishments.
Use action verbs and phrases (rather than full sentences) to keep the language action oriented
and focused on skills and accomplishments.
Use the “bullet plus” to strengthen your descriptions. Include what you did plus how, why or the
impact of your work. See the next page for examples.
Activities/Professional Afliations/Interests
What will these sections add to the story you are presenting to organizations
These sections are optional and highlight experiences not listed in other sections.
The experiences may be described or simply listed.
Interests may be included if they are relevant to the position (e.g., hiking or travel for a sports
equipment company) or are unique in nature.
Optional section that highlights skills not mentioned in other section(s) (e.g., foreign language
ability and level of prociency, computer skills).
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Charity Resume Template