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Chesapeake College Admissions Application
Please circle ONE Program/Major Code in the section below and write in your three-digit program in the β€œAREA OF
STUDY - PROGRAM/MAJOR CODE” section on page 3. Detailed information about programs of study, including course
requirements and course descriptions, can be found in the online College catalog at
Any Program/Major marked with an asterisk (*)is not eligible for Financial Aid.
Accounting (410) A.A.S.
Advanced (412) Certificate
Basic (411) Certificate
Tax (413) LoR*
Business Administration (350) A.A.
Business Management Tech. (401) A.A.S.
Business Management Tech. (402) Certificate
Business Management Tech. (403) LoR*
Agriculture & Environmental Studies
Landscape Architecture (390) A.S.
Landscape Management (395) A.S.
Computer Studies
Computer Information Security (495) A.A.S.
Computer Information Systems:
Interactive Media/Web Design (474) A.A.S.
Advanced (491) Certificate
Basic (492) Certificate
Interactive Media/Web Design (453) LoR*
Microcomputer Applications Specialist (486)
Advanced (496) Certificate
Basic (497) Certificate
Micro. Applications Specialist (455) LoR*
PC & Network Management (477) A.A.S.
Advanced (478) Certificate
Basic (479) Certificate*
Criminal Justice
Corrections (604) A.A.S.
Corrections (608) Certificate
Crime Scene Technician (607) A.A.S.
Crime Scene Technician (605) Certificate
Law Enforcement (602) A.A.S.
Law Enforcement (606) Certificate
Early Childhood Development (641) A.A.S.
Advanced (642) Certificate
Basic (645) Certificate
Early Childhood Development (643) LoR*
Early Childhood Education/Early
Childhood Special Education (309) A.A.T.
Elementary Education/Elementary
Special Education (305) A.A.T.
Secondary Education-Chemistry (306) A.A.T.
Education/Teaching (continued)
Secondary Education-English (310) A.A.T.
Secondary Education-Mathematics (307) A.A.T.
Secondary Education-Physics (308) A.A.T.
Teacher Aide (345) Certificate
Health, Fitness & Exercise Science
Exercise Science (151) A.A.
Exercise Science (158) Basic Certificate*
Exercise Science (159) Advanced Certificate*
Exercise Science/Allied Health (155) A.A.
Sports Management (160) A.A.
Sports Management (168) Basic Certificate*
Sports Management (169) Advanced Certificate*
Engineering Technology
Drafting and Design (743) A.A.S.
Drafting and Design (742) Certificate
Drafting and Design (745) LoR*
Advanced (776) Certificate
Basic (775) Certificate
Welding (763) LoR*
Environmental Science
Environmental Science (360) A.S.
Environmental Monitoring (364) Certificate
Land Use Management (405) LoR*
Health Professions
Cardiac Rescue (525) Certificate*
Emergency Medical Services (518) A.A.S.
Emergency Medical Services (519) Certificate
Nationally Registered Paramedic (516) Certificate
General College Studies: Allied Health (120) A.A.
Nursing: Registered Nurse (131) A.S.
Phlebotomy (515) LoR*
Physical Therapist Assistant (140) A.A.S.
Radiologic Sciences (502) A.A.S.
Surgical Technology (512) Certificate
Hotel/Restaurant Management
Hotel/Restaurant Management (650) A.A.S.
Food Service Management (655) Certificate
Food Service Management (654) LoR*
Hotel/Resort Management (651) Certificate
Hospitality Management (648) LoR*
Human Services
Mental Health (682) A.A.S.
Substance Abuse/Addiction (683) A.A.S.
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts and Sciences (200) A.A.
African-American Studies (820) LoR*
Biology (311) LoR*
Basic Chemistry (312) LoR*
Communications (313) LoR*
General Science (314) LoR*
Geography (315) LoR*
Mathematics (316) LoR*
Music (803) LoR*
Transfer Studies
Advanced (250) Certificate*
Basic (150) Certificate*
Paralegal Professions
Paralegal Studies (620) A.A.S.
Paralegal Studies (622) Certificate
Technical/Professional Studies
Technical/Professional Studies (400) A.A.S.
Undeclared Majors or Transfer
Certificates (150 and 250)*
(Students in an undeclared major or
transfer certificate are NOT eligible for
financial aid.)
Non-Degree Seeking Students*
Audit (950)*
Personal enrichment/Professional
development/update job skills (951)
Dual Enrollment Students (960)*
The β€œ960” option is for high school
students who plan to enroll in the Dual
Enrollment Program.)
Date application entered: _____________________________ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY
New Application ______ Updated Application ______ If updated, last semester attended: ____________________
Processed by: _______________________________________________ at (please check one) ___WMC ___ Cambridge Ctr. ___ Center for Allied Health [7-14]
Key to Degree Award
A.A.S. Associate of Applied Science
A.A. Associate of Arts
A.S. Associate of Science
A.A.T. Associate of Arts in Teaching
Other Award
LoR Letter of Recognition *
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