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Church Newsletter 1
Church Newsletter 1
A Novel Technique for Strong Passwords
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The ever-increasing power of computers keeps making
passwords more vulnerable. Passwords that were once
too strong to crack in a practical amount of time are
now fair game. That makes longer and more
complicated passwords with a variety of character types
a necessity. It also means having a collection of
passwords that most people can’t remember.
One solution is to use one of the free password
managers with a lot of different long passwords. But
there is another possible approach suggested by fellow
editor Ritho. The suggestion intrigued me enough that I
decided to do some investigating. It involves using one
of the many web sites that are available to turn a string
of characters upside down and backwards. One of these
sites is here and another is at this link. I have used this
latter site for the following examples.
Type in gizmo and you get this: o ɯ ƃ. This may
seem too short for a password but it is much stronger
than plain gizmo
. According to one password checker,
plain gizmo would be cracked instantly whereas
o zıɯ ƃ would take 6 hours to crack on a desktop
computer. A password TechSupportAlert might
rapidly fall to a dictionary attack but its upside down
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A Novel Technique for Strong Passwords 1
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Welcome to the first issue of the Church Bulletin. This
bulletin provides schedule and event information. It
contains a “Meet The Team Member” section, as well
as a few articles.
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Issue 1
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Volume One
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