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Cleaning Service Proposal Template
City of Lake Elmo
RFP for Cleaning Services
e) Basis of Payment Payment will be made to the contractor within 30 days upon
receiving the contractor’s monthly invoice and after approval by the City Council. The
invoice shall state the date the service was performed and amount for each building.
Special services provided will be billed via a separate invoice and described by the service
provided and the date it was provided.
The specifications outline the requirements for cleaning services for two (2) City of Lake Elmo
buildings. A list of each building, the address and approximate square footage is outlined to
assist you in your quote.
A walkthrough can be scheduled by appointment to view the buildings beforehand.
Building List
City Hall 3800 Laverne Ave N
1 floor2,400 sq. ft. includes entryway and main hallway, Council chambers,
bathrooms, and entire office area.
City Hall Annex 3800 Laverne Ave N
1 floor900 sq. ft. includes entire office area, conference room, two
individual offices, kitchen area, and bathroom.
Responsibilities of the Contractor
The following cleaning instructions are outlined by building, cleaning location within the
building and a cleaning schedule
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Cleaning Service Proposal Template