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CO - Marketing Agreement Template
CO - Marketing Agreement Template
This CO-MARKETING AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) between ______________ [full legal name], a
[entity type and state] (Company1”) and ______________ [full legal name], a Delaware corporation
(“Company2”) is effective on the date of the second signature below.
1. Co-Marketing Relationship
Company1 provides [insert product/description] (Company1 Products) to the [insert market
description if applicable]. Company2 provides business consulting and systems integration services
to that market. The parties desire to work cooperatively, but independently, to market and deliver
certain complementary market offerings as described in Exhibit A, to current and prospective
customers (“Sales Targets”). This Agreement describes the terms of a nonexclusive, cooperative
marketing relationship under which each party will independently or cooperatively engage in
mutually agreed activities to promote each other’s products and services to Sales Targets, throughout
the Territory (as the term is hereafter defined).
2. Territory
The territory for this Agreement is the [insert] (“Territory”).
3. Co-Marketing Activities
The parties may engage in the following activities in the Territory, all subject to their mutual and
ongoing agreement: [Edit as appropriate to add/remove intended activities.]
a. Interaction of Sales Representatives. The parties will inform their respective sales forces of the
existence of this Agreement and will develop a joint internal communications plan regarding the
positioning and joint benefits of this relationship. In addition, the parties may mutually agree to
provide access to each other’s respective demonstration centers for sales calls and
b. Sales Meetings. Each party may request the opportunity to give presentations regarding its
products and services and its marketing activities related to this Agreement at the other party’s
sales meetings and other appropriate gatherings.
c. Co-Marketing Coordinator. Each party will assign a coordinator to act as the central point of
communication with the other party with respect to this Agreement. These managers shall
determine goals and identify cooperative marketing and sales opportunities through monthly
meetings. They shall also track and report progress as it relates to the goals.
d. Sales Calls. The parties will support each other on joint sales calls as agreed between the parties.
e. Publicity. Neither party will release any publicity or marketing documents or information
concerning this Agreement without the other’s consent. However, each party may identify the
other in a mutually agreed general description of the nature of the “co-marketing relationship” or
“teaming relationship” in its promotional materials, presentations, and proposals to current and
prospective clients. In no case shall either party refer to the other as an “alliance” or “partner”.
While this Agreement is in effect, either party may include the other party’s name in a list of
entities with which it has entered into co-marketing agreements without such other party’s prior
f. Qualifications/References. The parties may agree to produce and publish (with prior approval of
the other party) case studies when appropriate regarding a cooperative engagement and describing
each party’s role in that engagement.
g. Logos/Trademarks. The parties may provide each other with their respective logos (in mutually-
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CO - Marketing Agreement Template