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Cohabitation Agreement 1
Cohabitation Agreement 1
This agreement is entered into on __________________________________, 20______ by and between
_______________________________________ and _______________________________________, as follows:
1. PURPOSE. The parties to this agreement wish to live together in an unmarried state. The parties intend to pro-
vide in this agreement for their property and other rights that may arise because of their living together. Both par-
ties currently own assets, and anticipate acquiring additional assets, that they wish to continue to control, and they
are entering into this agreement to determine their respective rights and duties while living together.
2. DISCLOSURE. The parties have revealed to each other full financial information regarding their net worth,
assets, holdings, income, and liabilities; not only by their discussions with each other, but also through copies of
their current financial statements, copies of which are attached hereto as Exhibits A and B. Both parties acknowl-
edge that they had sufficient time to review the other’s financial statement, are familiar with and understand the
other’s financial statement, had any questions satisfactorily answered, and are satisfied that full and complete finan-
cial disclosure has been made by the other.
3. LEGAL ADVICE. Each party had legal and financial advice, or had the opportunity to consult independent legal
and financial counsel, prior to executing this agreement. Either party’s failure to so consult legal and financial coun-
sel constitutes a waiver of such right. By signing this agreement, each party acknowledges that he or she under-
stands the facts of this agreement, and is aware of his or her legal rights and obligations under this agreement, or
arising because of their living together in an unmarried state.
4. CONSIDERATION. The parties acknowledge that each of them would not continue living together in an unmar-
ried state except for the execution of this agreement in its present form.
5. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Agreement shall become effective and binding as of ________________, 20____ , and
shall continue until they no longer live together or until the death of either party.
6. DEFINITIONS. As used in this agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
(a) “Joint Property” means property held and owned by the parties together. Such ownership shall be as ten-
ants by the entirety in jurisdictions where such a tenancy is permitted. If such jurisdiction does not recognize or
permit a tenancy by the entirety, then ownership shall be as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. The intention
of the parties is to hold joint property as tenants by the entirety whenever possible.
(b) “Joint Tenancy” means tenancy by the entirety in jurisdictions where such a tenancy is permitted, and
joint tenancy with rights of survivorship if tenancy by the entirety is not recognized or permitted. The intention of
the parties is to hold joint property as tenants by the entirety whenever possible.
7. SEPARATE PROPERTY. ______________________________________ is the owner of certain property, which
is listed in Exhibit A, attached hereto and made a part hereof, which he intends to keep as his nonmarital, separate,
sole, and individual property. All income, rents, profits, interest, dividends, stock splits, gains, and appreciation in
value relating to any such separate property shall also be deemed separate property.
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Cohabitation Agreement 1