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College Application Template
first-year admissions application 3
academic information
School CEEB Code
Type of school: Public Private Correspondence Charter ParochialHome School Other/Education Provider
School Address
Number and Street
Zip/Postal CodeCountryState/ProvinceCity/Town
Start Date Date of Graduation
(mm/yyyy) (mm/yyyy)
Counselor’s Name Phone
Begin with Area or Country Code
Counselor’s Email Fax
Begin with Area or Country Code
Are you currently enrolled in school Yes No Will/did you graduate from High School earlyYes No
(Please send official scores from testing agency)If so, list date:Did you recieve a GED YesNo
If your education has been interrupted, please detail your activities since last enrolled. Please attach your response to the end of the application.
current year’s courses
Please list name, level (Honors, AP, IB, etc.) and credit value of your current year’s courses.
Semester #1/Trimester #1 Semester #2/Trimester #2 Trimester #3
List all other high schools, colleges/universities (including summers), and academic programs you attended, beginning with ninth grade.
You must submit transcripts from each school.
other high schools
School Name CEEB Code Dates Attended Location
School Name CEEB Code Dates Attended Location
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