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College Recommendation Letter
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Dear ___________________,
I am pleased to recommend _______________, who is applying for admission to
____________ University. I am his biology teacher at _______________ High School,
and also coach the basketball team, on which he is a center.
___________________ is a wonderful student to have in class. He is eager to participate
in class discussions, takes his schoolwork seriously, and always has a creative way of
looking at things.
He has many interests beyond academics. Besides playing on the basketball team (and
making the all-state team), _____________ is a member of the school chess club.
Obviously, ______________ is not one to follow the crowd. He is confident in pursuing
his interests, regardless of whether they are considered "cool" or not. Still, he is well-
liked by his peers as well as the faculty and staff here.
With his 2.8 grade point average, I'm aware that _______________ has set his sights high
in applying to _______________ University, but I am convinced it will be a great fit for
both ____________ and the university. Please take into account that he has maintained a
positive attitude, full class schedule, team sports and a part-time job at the Sports
Superstore despite that fact that his father succumbed to cancer earlier this year.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can shed any more light on _____________,
including his stellar character and prospects for a bright future at your school.
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College Recommendation Letter