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College Resume Template 1
College Resume Template 1
[Street Address] | [City, ST ZIP Code] | [Phone Number] | [E-mail Address]
[An entry-level marketing or management position with a medium-sized business.]
[Bachelor of Science, Business Administration]
[State College, Oakhill]
[Expected June 2007]
[Major: Management]
[Minor: Marketing]
[Related course work: Personnel management, business management, business
ethics, business law, macroeconomics, statistics, marketing, and sales.]
[Developed and implemented new fundraising program for social fraternity, which
brought in more than $1,500 for local charity.]
[Worked with local and national alumni chapters to coordinate chapter house
expansion, including negotiating a construction contract and schedule.]
[Organized and communicated to chapter alumni a house expansion fundraising
program, which to date has brought in enough to cover 50% of expansion costs.]
[Managed chapter house finances for two years, including collecting dues and
paying bills.]
[Led campus newspaper advertising staff three consecutive years for mnost
advertising dollars generated.]
[Organized and implemented advertising promotion, which increased number of
advertisers by 45%.]
[Presented monthly financial reports to chapter members and quarterly reports to
national headquarters.]
[Served as fraternity president, business manager, and social chairman.]
Named to [Organization name.]
[Advertising Manager]
[State College Student News]
[Responsible for page and classified advertising sales
and promotions.]
{Organized and implemented several successful
advertising promotions, which cumulatively increased
ad revenue by 65%.]
[Oakhill Pub]
[Provided excellent table service and fostered guest
satisfaction in fast-paced restaurant and bar. ]
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College Resume Template 1