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Colorado Lien Waiver
Colorado Lien Waiver
DATE: RECEIVED OF: The City of Colorado Springs on behalf of
(Owner) the sum of
Dollars ($ )
constituting payment in FULL / PART of all demands for labor, services, machinery, tools,
equipment, or materials furnished in connection with the construction, alteration, work,
improvement, rehabilitation, addition to or repair of the structure or improvement of the
Owner’s property located at _____________________________________ (the “Property”)
through, . This payment is made in accord with the terms of the
Agreement No. . In consideration for this payment,
I voluntarily waive, relinquish and absolutely release forever all right or claim to a mechanic’s
lien against the Property pursuant to the laws of the State of Colorado. By signing this Waiver,
I acknowledge that I am under no constraint and that I knowingly and voluntarily sign below.
Contractor’s or sub-contractors
company name (Print)
Name of individual signing lien waiver
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Colorado Lien Waiver