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Commercial Cleaning Proposal Template
Commercial Cleaning Proposal Template
Exclusively Cleaning Proposal
Cover Options
Public & Products Liability cover is provided as standard under
this policy.
The Public & Products Liability sub-section includes the
following automatic extensions:
1. Damage to Property Whilst Being Cleaned including
Treatment Damage
2. Misuse of Customers’ Telephones with a limit of indemnity
of £50,000
3. Financial Loss with a limit of indemnity of £50,000
4. Failure to Secure Premises
5. Customers’ Property Removed for Cleaning with a limit of
indemnity of £10,000
6. Destruction or Disposal of Customers’ Property in Error
Professional Indemnity cover is automatically included with a
limit of indemnity of £100,000.
Cover for Loss of Keys and Employers’ Liability is optional.
If there is insufcient space for answers anywhere in this
document, please use the Additional Information page at the
end for further information. The Additional Information page is
deemed to be a part of this proposal form.
Data Protection Act
For Data Protection Act purposes, we will hold and process
your personal data for insurance administration. For this
purpose, the information may also be passed to selected third
parties and reinsurers. You consent to our processing sensitive
data about you and other persons who may be insured under
the contract. You understand that all personal data you supply
must be accurate, and you have the specic consent of those
other persons insured to disclose their personal data.
No cover is in force until conrmed by Ageas Insurance
If you are a sole trader you have the right to choose the law
applicable to this contract.
From the answers given we will usually be able to give
your proposal adequate assessment however there may
be other material information or facts known to you which
could inuence our assessment and acceptance of the risk
and which has not been catered for either fully or in part by
the questions. It is extremely important that you disclose
all material information and facts as failure to do so could
invalidate the insurance.If you are in doubt as to whether
or not any information or fact is material then it should be
disclosed. You should keep your own record (including copies
of letters) of all information and facts supplied to us for the
purpose of entering into this contract. Please check the
accuracy of all your answers particularly if the proposal has
not been completed in your own hand and satisfy yourself that
all questions have been truthfully and fully answered. Ageas
Insurance Limited operates procedures to reduce fraudulent
claims. In dealing with your application for insurance we may
make enquiries of credit reference agencies and other insurers
who may note that an enquiry has been made about you.
The following notes are provided to assist in completion of this proposal form.
The Exclusively Cleaning product is our specialist commercial insurance
product designed specically for and only available to businesses providing
cleaning services and associated activities. The policy gives full details of the
cover provided and a specimen of the policy wording is available on request.
Please provide all the required information in each section and sub-section
for which cover is required.
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Commercial Cleaning Proposal Template