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Commercial Lease Agreement 3
, _______________and ending at midnight on .
and knows the condition of the Premises, and accepts the same in their present condition.
LESSEE acknowledges that LESSOR has made no warranties or representations concerning the
5. UTILITIES: LESSEE agrees to furnish all utilities and pay all electric, gas,
water, fuel and sewer company charges, as well as all charges for any additional services or other
utilities used on or assessed against the Premises.
6. LICENSING AND FEES: LESSEE shall obtain all necessary licensing and
registrations for the use and operation of the Premises, and shall pay when due all license and
registration fees.
7. TAXES: The following provisions shall apply:
7.1. State and county real estate taxes for the Property during the calendar year [
] ("Base Year") were $ , and city real estate taxes for the Property during the Base
Year were $ . LESSEE agrees to pay as additional rent all amounts by which the real
estate taxes may exceed these amounts in future years during the term of this Lease. If LESSOR
receives a real estate tax bill for amounts exceeding the amounts stated above, LESSOR shall
forward a copy of the bill to LESSEE, together with a letter stating the amount of the excess, and
within ten (10) days of its receipt of the bill and letter, LESSEE shall pay the excess amount to
7.2. LESSEE shall timely pay or cause to be paid when due all personal property,
sales, use and other taxes or assessments, general or special, now or hereafter imposed by any
federal, state, or local government on the Premises or on the ownership, lease, sale, possession or
use of the Premises, whether the same are assessed against LESSOR or LESSEE. If any such tax
is assessed against LESSOR, LESSOR shall provide LESSEE with written notice of the
assessment. Upon reasonable demand, LESSEE shall provide LESSOR with proof of all required
8. INSURANCE: The following provisions shall apply:
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