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Commercial Lease Agreement 3
8.1. LESSOR shall obtain "All Risk" Property Insurance on the Property,
including fixtures and non-removable tenant improvements in such amount as LESSOR deems
sufficient. LESSEE shall cooperate with LESSOR so that the lowest insurance rating can be
obtained. Accordingly, LESSEE shall fully cooperate with the insurance carrier in implementing
any measures of complying with any requirements the carrier may have. All costs of such
measures or compliance shall be borne by LESSEE. If the insurance rates published by the
Insurance Service Office of the State of Missouri are increased as the result of any activities or
hazards introduced by LESSEE, then LESSEE shall pay the amount by which the insurance
premiums are increased because of such activities or hazards.
8.2. The "All Risk" Property Insurance premiums on the Property during the
calendar year [ ] ("Base Year") will total $ . LESSEE agrees to pay as
additional rent all amounts by which the insurance premiums may exceed, for whatever reason,
this amount in future years during the term of this Lease. If LESSOR receives an insurance
premium bill for an amount exceeding the amount stated above, LESSOR shall forward a copy of
the bill to LESSEE, together with a letter stating the amount of the excess, and within ten (10)
days of its receipt of the bill and letter, LESSEE shall pay the applicable excess amount to
8.3. At its sole cost and expense, LESSEE shall purchase and maintain
commercial general liability insurance on the Premises, including a property damage provision,
insuring against liability for injury to persons or property occurring on or about the Premises or
arising out of the ownership, maintenance, use or occupancy of the Premises. The insurance shall
be in an amount not less than Dollars ($ ) combined
single limit per occurrence, and a general policy aggregate of not less than
Dollars ($ ) if such aggregate applies to this policy.
8.4. All policies of liability insurance obtained now or at any future time by
LESSEE, must insure the interest of LESSOR as Additional Insured under the from of
endorsement which makes the coverage thereunder primary insurance as regards LESSOR, and
non-contributory with any other insurance carried by LESSOR, shall include a long form non-
contributory clause naming LESSOR, as well as LESSEE, as an insured. The policies shall also
provide that LESSOR be given at least thirty (30) days notice before any cancellation or material
modification of the policy.
8.5. Upon request, LESSEE shall furnish to LESSOR Certificates of Insurance
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