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Commercial Lease Agreement 3
Premises. Additional provisions relating to alterations and improvements are contained in Section
13 of this Lease.
9.3. LESSEE shall promptly pay all bills for labor done or material or equipment
supplied for any construction or repair work done on the Premises. Failure to promptly pay any
such bills shall be a default under this Lease. LESSEE shall defend and indemnify LESSOR from
all liability, damages or expense resulting from any mechanic's lien claims affecting the Premises.
10. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR: LESSOR shall repair and maintain the roof,
exterior walls and foundation of any structures located on the Premises.
10.1. LESSEE shall have the obligation of maintaining all portions of the Premises
which LESSOR is not specifically obligated to maintain under the above section. LESSEE shall
maintain and keep in good working order all equipment, fixtures, and systems on the Premises,
and shall perform routine repair and maintenance on the same, including without limitation all
heating and air conditioning systems and equipment. In addition and without limitation, LESSEE
shall protect water pipes, heating and air conditioning equipment, plumbing, fixtures, appliances,
and sprinkler systems from becoming frozen. LESSEE shall keep the Premises and all
approaches, sidewalks, parking areas, truck pads, and adjacent alleys clean, sightly, and free of
snow and rubbish, and shall keep and maintain the same in good condition repairing cracks and
potholes and repairing the same when needed.
10.2. LESSEE shall be responsible for all window glass replacement, for
maintenance of light fixtures and lamps throughout the Premises, for repair and routine
maintenance of gas heaters, boilers, water pipes, plumbing apparatus and fixtures, gutters,
downspouts, and all other portions of or equipment upon the Premises, including without
limitation all mechanical systems which are a part of the Premises. LESSEE shall replace any
worn or outdated equipment with new equipment of like quality and durability.
10.3. In particular, LESSEE shall maintain in good working condition the water
sprinkler monitoring system which is a part of the Premises, pay the monthly charge for such
system, and promptly repair any damage which may be suffered by the system.
11. USE OF PREMISES: LESSEE may use the Premises for any purpose set forth
in Section 1 of this Lease, which is not destructive of the Premises. LESSEE shall not, however,
commit or allow any waste, nuisance, or other such act or omission to occur on the Premises, and
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