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shall not do any act or allow on the Premises any condition which may disturb the quiet enjoyment
of those occupying surrounding properties, including without limitation any other tenants or
occupants in the Building or on the Premises. LESSEE shall advise LESSOR in writing of any
change in the nature of LESSEE'S use of the Premises.
11.1. LESSEE shall fully comply with all federal, state and local laws and
regulations applicable to air emissions, water pollution, hazardous waste, hazardous materials,
toxic materials, and underground storage tanks. LESSEE shall secure all permits, licenses and
approvals necessary for its operations and shall remain in compliance with such permits. LESSEE
shall notify LESSOR within two (2) days if LESSEE learns of any allegation that LESSEE'S
operations are in violation of any requirement of any permit or any requirement to have a permit.
11.2. LESSEE shall not allow on the Premises any leakage, spillage or release of
any hazardous substance, hazardous waste, petroleum, or toxic material as those terms are
defined by federal or state law or regulation. If such a release should occur, LESSEE shall notify
LESSOR of such fact within two (2) days. Furthermore, in such event, LESSEE shall promptly
remove and clean up any such leakage, spillage or release, at its own cost, and LESSEE shall
accomplish such removal and clean-up in strict compliance with all applicable laws, codes and
regulations. LESSEE shall notify LESSOR within two (2) days if LESSEE receives notice of
intent to sue, notice of violation, citation, warning or similar notification arising out of operations
on the Premises. LESSEE shall notify LESSOR within two (2) days if LESSEE learns of any
federal, state, or local agency investigation or inquiry concerning the Premises or LESSEE'S
11.3. LESSEE shall not use all or any part of the Premises for the purpose of
refining, producing, storing, handling, transferring, processing, or transporting any pollutants or
contaminates or any Hazardous Substances or petroleum products in any manner which would
result in a release or threatened release which could require response under applicable
Environmental Regulations, nor shall LESSEE permit or suffer any other party to use all or any
part of the Premises for any purpose forbidden herein. As used herein, the term "Hazardous
Substances" shall mean ureaformaldehyde, polychlorinated biphenyls, asbestos, asbestos-
containing materials, radioactive materials or wastes, petroleum products, or any other waste
material or other substance which would subject the LESSOR as owner of the Property to any
response costs, damages, penalties or liabilities under any applicable Environmental Regulations.
The term "Environmental Regulations" as used herein means any federal, state or local laws,
statutes, codes, ordinances, regulations, requirements or rules relating to any environmental
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