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Commercial Lease Questionnaire
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3. Will tenant be granted any right to extend term
4. Will occurrence of any event (other than tenant's default) give either party right
to terminate lease before its natural expiration, e.g.:
a. Landlord's sale of leased premises
b. Tenant's loss of legal right to operate its particular business
D. Rent and Security Deposit
1. For fixed or minimum rent under lease:
a. What is amount
b. When does it commence
c. At what intervals is it payable
2. For commercial lease, will tenant be required to pay percentage rent, and if so:
a. On what basis will percentage rent be calculated, e.g., gross receipts of
b. What percentage must be paid to landlord
c. At what intervals is it payable
d. When does it commence
e. Is it in addition to, in lieu of, or offset against, minimum rent
3. Will amount of basic or minimum rent increase over term of lease, either by:
a. Fixed dollar amounts at scheduled intervals
b. Increases tied to:
(1) Property taxes
(2) Operating expenses
(3) Consumer price index or some other index for inflation
4. Will lease be ''net'' to landlord, i.e., require tenant to pay, in addition to rent:
a. Property taxes
b. Insurance
c. Other operating expenses
5. Is tenant required to post security deposit, and if so, what amount
E. Use of Premises
1. Will tenant's use of premises be limited to specific business
2. Will tenant have right to change its use of premises during term of lease:
a. With landlord's prior approval
b. Without landlord's prior approval
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Commercial Lease Questionnaire