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Commercial Lease Questionnaire
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c. Subject to any other conditions
3. Will there be any specific restrictions on tenant's use, such as prohibitions
a. Nuisance, waste, and unlawful purposes
b. Use or storage of hazardous materials and substances
c. Insurance hazards
4. Are there any CC&Rs or building rules and regulations with which tenancy
must comply
5. For other property owned by landlord:
a. Will landlord's use be restricted because of non-competition covenant
given to tenant
b. Will landlord be required to perform any affirmative acts on other property
for benefit of tenant
F. Construction of New Building or Other Improvements
1. If leased premises will consist of new building to be constructed:
a. Who has responsibility for:
(1) Construction
(2) Payment of construction costs
(3) Preparation and cost of preliminary plans and specifications and cost
(4) Preparation and cost of final plans and specifications and working
(5) Obtaining government approval for project
b. Has party responsible for construction obtained construction and
permanent financing for project
c. If party has not obtained financing, is lease contingent on that party's
ability to obtain financing
d. What are commencement and completion dates for construction
2. If leased premises consist of existing building or space, is tenant permitted to
make alterations or improvements to leased space
G. Allocation of Financial Risks, Responsibilities, and Expenses
1. Which party will be responsible for maintaining and repairing:
a. Leased premises
b. Any common areas
2. Who will be obligated to pay following:
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Commercial Lease Questionnaire