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Commercial Script Template Word
Commercial Script Template Word
Example TV Commercial Script
Shooting Location: Football Field Tunnel
Director(s): Ron Winderman
Actor(s); Joe Greene, Kid, Background fans
Editor(s): Sally Theis
Login: ETA616____
Camera up on grim Greene, limping
slowly down tunnel from field toward
locker room; words
"Mean Joe Greene" superimposed on
picture. Because he is alone, game
must still be going on with Greene out
of it, due to injury.
Cut to kid ( white, about age nine)
standing in tunnel, bottle of Coke in
Cut to Greene, scowling.
Cut to kid.
Cut to Greene.
Cut to kid.
Cut to Greene, grimacing.
Cut to kid, offering bottle.
Cut to Greene, sighing, He takes it,
drinks, greedily.
Cut to kid, who hesitates, waiting for
autograph or sign of recognition from
his hero.
Finally kid turns to leave, reluctantly.
Cut to Greene, suddenly animated and
Greene grabs his game jersey and
tosses it.
Cut to kid, beaming, catching shirt.
Supers fill screen:
"Have a Coke and a Smile" (centered)
"Coke Adds Life" (in right corner)
Kid [sound on film (SOF)]: Mr. Greene!
Greene [SOF]: Yeah
Kid [SOF]: You need some help
Greene [SOF]: Uh-uh.
Kid [SOF]: I just want you to know: I
think--you're the greatest.
Greene [SOF]: Yeah, sure.
Kid [SOF]: Want my Coke It's Okay.
You can have it.
Greene [SOF]: Okay. Thanks.
As much swells under dialogue, lyric is
A Coke and a smile/makes me feel
good/makes me feel nice
Kid [SOF]: See ya, Joe.
Greene [SOF]: Hey kid!
Greene [SOF]: Catch
Kid [SOF]: Wow! Thanks, Mean Joe!
Music Swells.
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