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Communications Specialist Resume Template
Communications Specialist Resume Template
Carol Steinfeld
professional experience
l COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST, Greenwood Communications, Concord, Mass. 1997-present
On a contract basis, create communications tools for businesses, with an emphasis on translating environmental
and planning topics for non-technical audiences and creating compelling action-oriented sales literature. Work
includes writing, ghostwriting, editing, design of information and marketing tools, and conducting presentations.
Corporate contract client work includes:
Energy-Conservation Content Writer,
Planned, wrote, and formatted energy- and water-conservation topic articles for the beta version of this interactive
utility-bill analysis portal,
Communications Coordinator, Ecological Engineering Group
Coordinate and produce all marketing materials for a small engineering firm
Develop, write, and design marketing collateral including newsletters, brochures, press releases, presentations,
trade show displays, case studies, advertising, manuals, and a Web site (
Place articles in local, national, and international publications
Organize customer tours and conference presentations
Communications Specialist, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin
Produced marketing materials for this national urban planning and environmental engineering company
Ghostwrote articles for engineers; articles appeared in both trade and general interest publications
Wrote text for the Web site, proposals, project description sheets, and internal and external newsletters
Trained staff engineers on ways to obtain publicity for their work
Write articles, books, newsletters, program formats, and other vehicles on a freelance basis. Projects include:
Write articles for publications including Natural Home, OnSite Water Treatment, Land Development Today, The Boston
Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design & Construction, Encyclopedia of the
Environment, BioCycle, and Training & Development
Developed a state-funded social marketing program to reduce solid waste in a town of 25,000 with a closed landfill
ote scenarios for a city’s sustainability-visioning pr
ocess, “Sustainable Lowell 2020,” hosted by the University
of Massachusetts Center for Work and Family and funded by the National Science Foundation
Co-wrote, researched, edited, formatted, designed, and marketed three books about ecological water systems;
several thousand copies sold internationally
l COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATE, The Medical Foundation Boston, Mass. • 1999-2001
Developed health-promotion communications for this non-profit organization specializing in public health and
social-marketing programs for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Wrote and designed newsletters, fact sheets, brochures, and trade show displays
Coordinated creation of a Web site (
TIONS MANAGER, Kendall & Company Concord, Mass. • 1992-1997
Managed publications for this advertising agency with several health-care and nonprofit clients, such as Private
Healthcare Systems, Dupont Radiopharmaceuticals, and YMCA nationwide.
ote, edited, and designed newsletters, advertising, publications, and brochures
Wrote and placed articles and managed press mailings for client publicity
Introduced in-house graphics and desktop publishing capabilities
Served as managing editor of a pr
ofessional journal for
Mobile telephone: 978-760-0034
c •
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