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Sample Letter Users Guide
Address the letter to the State Attorney General in your state.
Use a computer, word processor, or typewriter to write your letter. If you do not
have access to them, neat printing is acceptable.
Using the sample letter that best matches your situation as a guide, rewrite the
letter in your own words.
Include as much relevant and factual detail as possible, but be concise.
Be specific with dates, times, facts, and people with whom you’ve spoken.
Ensure correct spelling. If you are using a computer, use “spell check,” if not
consult a dictionary.
Submit relevant documentation whenever possible. Attach duplicates rather then
Carbon/courtesy copy the company with whom you have the complaint.
Keep copies of everything you send.
Send all correspondence via certified mail, return receipt requested.
Note: Before you request a formal complaint to State Attorney General, first attempt
resolution with the company with whom you have the dispute/complaint. You may get
what you most want simply by asking.
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Complaint Letter Template Word