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First Payment as Fee Policy
Your name
Street address
City, state, zip code
Telephone number
Today’s date
The name of your State Attorney General
State Attorney General
Street address
City, state, zip code
Re: Name and contact information of the company for which you are filing a complaint
Dear Name of your State Attorney General:
On date I enrolled in a debt repayment plan with company. The purpose of the repayment
plan was to help me repay my debts quickly and efficiently.
Company has a policy of keeping the first payment as a “start-up” fee. This policy was
not adequately disclosed in my initial contact with this company. Had I been aware of the
charge, I would not have pursued a business relationship with company. On date I paid
amount to company, which did not go to my creditors, but was kept by the company. This
is disproportionate to the service provided and detrimental to a client whose objective is
to repay their creditors, not get into further debt.
I have attempted to resolve this matter by contacting company on date and requesting
desired resolution (refund/money credited to accounts/termination of contract/etc.). The
response I received was response/lack of response.
I wish to file a formal complaint against company. Enclosed are copies of my records/
receipts/guarantees/contracts/canceled checks/etc.
CC: Company
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