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Condominium Lease Agreement
Condominium Lease Agreement
Lessor Lessee
THIS AGREEMENT is made as of _______ 2012 by and between:
_________________, represented by _____________, having its office located at _ Moo _, Soi
_, ______ Road, ___________ Distruct, Bangkok, hereinafter referred to as the “Lessor” of the
one part (as detailed in Attachment 1 attached hereto and deemed as a part hereof);
Mr /Mrs / Miss __________ , a _________ national carrying Passport number _____, residing
at __________, (date of birth __th of _____), hereinafter referred to as the “Lessee” of the other
part (as detailed in Attachment 2 attached hereto and deemed as a part hereof) .
Whereas, the Lessor is the legitimate owner of a project situated on the land with title deed no.
___, land no. ______, Tambon _____________, ___________ District, __________Province,
with an area of approximately _________square wah, which is, as warranted by the Seller, the
property of the Seller (as detailed in Attachment 3 attached hereto); and
Whereas, the Lessor shall construct a condominium named the __________Condo Project”,
and shall register the condominium as a residential condominium under the law governing
Each of the Lessor and Lessee hereto warrants that the person signing this Agreement has the
power to legally act on its behalf and the execution of this Agreement shall be binding upon both
1. Provisions of the lease
In consideration of Rental (defined hereafter) the Lessor agrees to lease and the Lessee agrees to
accept to lease the Unit with details as follows;
Condominium Unit No. -- : _________________________
Floor Level : __________________________
Floor Area (including balcony) : __________________________
The details of which appear in the map indicating location and the details concerning the
condominium unit (Floor Plan), the internal layout plan of the condominium unit and the list of
material specifications, including the detailed objectives of use of each part of the area of the
condominium unit and the particulars and sizes of the common property and facilities.
The Lessor agrees to construct the condominium unit in compliance with the design and details
as permitted by the competent officer and to standardize the construction to meet the standards
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Condominium Lease Agreement