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Condominium Unit Lease
Condominium Unit Lease
Landlord and Tenant agree to lease the Unit and the Stated Interest in the Common Elements
at the rent and for the term stated:
Date of Lease:
Annual Rent:
Commencement Date:
Monthly Rent:
Lease Term:
Security Deposit:
Termination Date:
Pet Deposit (Non-Refundable):
1. Use and Occupancy
The Unit may only be used strictly for residential purposes and may only be
occupied by Tenant and Tenant’s spouse and children.
2. Inability to Give Possession
The failure of Landlord to give Tenant possession of the Unit on the
Commencement Date shall not create liability for Landlord. In the event that
possession of the Unit is not delivered on the Commencement Date, Monthly Rent
hereunder shall begin on the date that possession of the Unit is delivered to Tenant
and shall be prorated for that portion of the month in which possession is delivered.
3. Rent
a. A. Tenant shall pay Monthly Rent in full on or before the first day of each month of the
Lease. Monthly Rent shall be paid in advance with no notice being required from Landlord.
Tenant shall not deduct any sums from the Monthly Rent unless Landlord consents thereto in
writing. Rent shall not be abated or forgiven due to damage to or inability to use the common
Failure to pay rent on or before the first day of the month will result in a $75.00/per day
late fee after the fifth day of the month.
Upon signing this Lease, Tenant shall pay Landlord the first Monthly Rent due and the
Security Deposit. The entire amount of rent due for the Lease Term is due upon signing this
Lease; however, Landlord consents to the Tenant paying same in monthly installments
provided there exists no defaults by Tenant under the terms of this Lease.
b. Additional Rent may include, but is not limited to
i. any additional insurance premiums and/or expenses paid by Landlord which are
chargeable to Tenant as stated hereinafter:
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Condominium Unit Lease